Phone spam!

I just received the nth call from some telemarketing firm informing me that I had won one of a half-dozen prizes.  The guy then proceeded to “check” my details (which were all wrong and based on the same database the last bunch of idiots used).  When I questioned him about the need for me to give him all my contact details and my wife’s details, he got annoyed with me and put the phone down.

What these people don’t seem to grasp is that “winning” some prize is no consolation when my wife and I (we both have to go) have to give up 2 hours of my day to attend some stupid marketing pitch to buy some underdeveloped piece of land on the bank of some crocodile infested river which has great potential to become the next big golfing paradise or nudist community or some other fanciful development.  I am not going to buy the overpriced piece of land.  I don’t care about the lovely pink kettle I may walk away with if I am lucky and I certainly don’t want to have my details passed on to the next bunch of spammers (I mean, telemarketers).

What gets me is that I distinctly told the last bunch to delete my info from their database and yet I get this call from this guy today.  Sadly they block caller ID so I can’t even track the buggers.

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