What’s that? Free music? On SXSW, for sure!

Pretty much what I thought when I came across this item on digg.com about all the music available for free on the SXSW 2006 site.  Using Bittorrent, you can download close to 1000 mp3s by artists featured at SXSW 2006.  Of course all of this music can be downloaded and stuck on your iPod for your listening pleasure.  What really impresses me is that you can also download the schedules for SXSW 2006 onto your iPod as well (they are stored as hierarchical notes) so you can download the music (preferrably using a really fast connection) as well as the schedules and make your iPod your constant companion for the event.

I came across one or two items of interest.  First there is a Flickr album uploaded by blueishorange with loads of photos taken at the event, as far as I can tell.  Brian Warren has also been hanging around SXSW and has a couple posts about it (who is Brian Warren?, you may ask.  I have no idea but there are his posts – one of the many cool things about the Web).  Podcasts have also been publish on the main site (which is really one of the better sources of info about the event and the various attractions).  For some more SXSW 2006 stuff, take a look at what has been blogged about the event on Technorati.

South by Southwest 2006 runs until the 19th in Austin, Texas.

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