Kansas Family & Divorce Lawyer has a redesign

200603080748Grant Griffiths’ Kansas Family & Divorce Lawyer site has had a complete overhaul and redesign and it looks amazing!  My personal favourite is the sunflower in the top left corner.  Grant’s new site is an illustration of the notion of lawyers as knowledge workers.  There is a fortune of information on the site and Grant told me that there are over 500 posts for the last year alone that have been transferred to the MovableType-based site.

Here is a quote from Grant on his new site:

There is so much information available on the new design, that I am speechless. Not only are all of my over 500 post there, but some new information is also be available. There is a  great search feature. Easy RSS subscription feature. A way to email a post or a number of post to a friend if you think they might want to read it. Links to useful websites and other family law blogs and more. All of the features I have been wanting to add to my blog and some of the features I have now, but better.

This site covers quite a bit of the Kansas family law landscape and is well worth checking out if you are interested in the subject or if you just want to see a really well designed site.

As I mentioned above, this site is running on MovableType and was designed by the team over at LexBlog.  I am really impressed with this site.  Great job to Grant and his design team!

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