Plaxo for the Mac!

I have been a Plaxo user for quite some time now.  I haven’t used it much for the last few months since I bought my PowerBook and made the switch because Plaxo remained stubbornly Microsoft-centric.  This changed recently when Plaxo released a beta plugin for Mac OS X’s Address Book.  Hawk Wings put me on to the beta earlier this evening and has the following to say:

Plaxo, an online contact management service, has released a beta version of its plugin for Address Book.

The Plaxo service allows you to synchronise contact information, to update the information of contacts who are also Plaxo members automatically and to ask for updated contact information from others.

The idea is to keep ahead of the endless changes in phone numbers and email addresses that cause you gradually to lose contact with people.

With the plugin much of the work of keeping your contact information current is made automatic. Its preferences allow you to “set and forget?? the synchronisation and update options. It also adds a collapsable pane to each Address Book contact that enables you to manually request an update on contact information and displays a history of your communication with that person (this feature is “coming soon??).

You can download the beta by clicking here.  For more information, visit Hawk Wings.

I have installed the plugin and synchronised my Address Book with Plaxo.  All in all the synchronisation went pretty smoothly.  Just be on the safe side I backed up my Address Book first.  Hopefully I haven’t lost any information and haven’t had anything overwritten.

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