Nipple slips are the done thing

Those little slips that have come to be known as nipple slips (also known as nip slips) used to be a tad risky and the subject of long distance zoom photos from the paparazzi. Now days it seems that nipple slips are the order of the day. Here is one from Lindsay Lohan that has been doing the rounds. My, how she has grown up …


(via PEN15 Club)


There has been quite a bit of activity lately and lots of people looking for more nipple slip photos on this blog.  The frequency of exposure seems to have its ups and downs.

First up is Courtney Cox-Arquette whose little one decided to see what was under mom’s bikini top:

Courtney-Cox-Nipple-Slip-06 Big

Rachel Hunter, on the other hand, was just tanning topless:


There really is so much out there

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