ecto bah!


I am beginning to think ecto is one miserable little piece of software!  Lately it has developed an inability to upload photos to MovableType and WordPress blogs.  This poses a problem for me because my business site runs on MovableType and my other blogs run on WordPress.  I am sure there are all sorts of funny little code things that might fix the issues (I know about the WordPress ones and yet there is no certain fix even there).

So even though I paid for ecto I am starting to look around for an alternative.  I know about MarsEdit but last time I took a look at it, it really didn’t seem to have all the goodies ecto does.  One thing I really like about ecto is that it integrates nicely with iLife and it is pretty easy to use (even when it comes to images).  Notwithstanding the things I do like about ecto, I still have to say “Geez guys!  Build something that doesn’t have all these well documented issues or at least fix them.  Stop sending people off to other developers!”.

Of course if anyone has any suggestions for a replacement blog editor, I am listening.


I tried MarsEdit 1.1 out and it just doesn’t have enough to take me away from ecto even with ecto’s issues.  I guess the reason for my rant is that ecto is a great product, it really is.  I tried it out because a blogger I respect tremendously uses it and I stuck with it from there.  It just frustrates me that ecto hasn’t been patched to address these issues.  Ok, granted I am not a programmer so it may not be that simple but yikes!  The WordPress problem affects people who have moved to the vastly improved version WordPress 2.  Surely the difficulties uploading images to a WordPress blog can be fixed within ecto?  As for the MovableType issue, I am trying to work out if there has been a change in my platform or something that affects the uploading of images.  I suspect it may be because of an upgrade of PHP on my servers?  I don’t know.  But see above for similar “yikes” rant.

Update 2:

The MovableType issue seems to have been an intermittent issue.  I was just able to upload an image as part of my blog post.

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