Local podcast directory … apparently

ITWeb has reported on Internet Solutions‘ podcast directory called ‘Podfarm‘ which is intended to showcase local podcasts and bring the phenomenon that much closer to South Africans:

A directory for South African podcasters and listeners went live this month, hosted by Internet Solutions (IS).

A podcast is a feed of audio or video files placed on the Internet for anyone to subscribe to.

The IS Podfarm serves as a catalogue of a variety of local and international podcasts, says IS product specialist Jeff Fletcher.

“As the technology catches on, more and more people want to access specific podcasts, so we have anticipated the need for a single public repository,?? adds Hillel Shrock, new business development director at IS.

Podfarm links to 11 podcasts, from a ‘Moneyweb power hour’ to Rodger Goode on 5fm. The programmes vary in length, depending on their nature.

Fletcher believes the directory will help to unearth grassroots podcasters by giving them a promotional avenue.

The big question for me is “Where the heck is Podfarm”?  A Google search didn’t bring anything up and a search on IS’s website similarly brought up peanuts.  Surely you would want this newfangled service to be easy to find?  Even on Google?


ITWeb responded to a commented I posted on their site and informed me that the URI of Podfarm is http://www.podfarm.co.za.  I probably could have worked that one out … 😛

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