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Although I am supposed to be preparing for a lecture tomorrow morning, I couldn’t help but notice that there are rumours about a totally revamped video iPodThinkSecret reported on insider talk about the real video iPod that uses the full front of the iPod for screen space and incorporates a new digital click wheel that appears and disappears when you touch the screen:

Think Secret can confirm recent rumblings that Apple is nearing completion of a completely revamped video iPod that will shed the ubiquitous mechanical click wheel for a touch screen and will sport a 3.5-inch diagonal display.

This video iPod, which has been in development and on the table since before Apple released the 5G iPod last year with video playback, will feature a display that will occupy the entire front face of the device. Sources who have seen the device report that it features a digital click wheel, one that overlays the touch-sensitive display and appears when a finger touches it and disappears when the finger is removed.

If these rumours are true they would only add to the reasons Steve Jobs pisses me off!

(Image borrowed from Engadget)

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