SA Top Site and SA Top Sites now owned by the same person

Some in the South African Blogosphere are aware that there were, until recently, two websites dedicated to rankings of South African sites.  Justin Hartman of SA Top Sites fame has just announced that he has purchased the domain name of his competitor, SA TopSites (it does get a little confusing):

I am very pleased to announce that I have successfully managed to secure a deal with the previous owners of SA Top Sites and as of yesterday (25 January 2006) I now own the old SA Top Sites domains, and

I was approached by the owners to buy the domains from them and I was very pleased that we could agree on an amicable figure that suited both parties.

Previous members of SA Top Sites, assuming they still have their code on their web pages, will now see a button asking them to “upgrade their account?? to the new improved version. I’m hoping that I can get those 380+ members to upgrade to the new version as I believe it creates greater value and credibility if there are many members subscribed to the free service.

This is a big step in the right direction and I’m a very chuffed person indeed!

Justin Hartman is also the guy behind Hartman Productions, a web solutions company which has some useful tools you can use to analyse things like the suitability of your existing meta tags and suchlike.

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