Save for a rainy day


Not many people would dispute that legal services are expensive and often prohibitively so, especially for small and medium businesses and the person on the street.  The problem is that you often can’t predict when you may require the services of a lawyer.  You may require an agreement to be drawn up or, worse, you may find yourself embroiled in litigation.  The fact is, lawyers serve a valuable function in our society because our day to day dealings with each other are governed by laws and those laws can be quite complex at times.

Unfortunately many people create more problems for themselves when they try to avoid using a lawyer by drafting their own agreements or attempting to resolve litigious matters themselves.  In the process they only create bigger problems for themselves which can be extremely costly.  There have been countless poorly drafted agreements which have landed their authors in court simply because the agreement was vague or didn’t achieve what it was intended to achieve.

One solution is to treat a possible need for legal services as an ongoing cost to your business and provide for possible legal services on a regular basis.  To put it another way, save for a rainy day because when it rains, it really does pour.  It may seem like an unnecessary expense now while everything is going well but if you save a little every month, if and when you find yourself in need of an attorney, you will be able to afford him/her and what he/she can offer to help you out of a very nasty (an unexpected) situation.

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