Drunken editorial disclaimers

This one is brilliant.  According to the Clarion Ledger (publishing a Washington Post article):

Modern Drunkard, the magazine with the slogan, “Standing up for your right to get falling down drunk since 1996,” published the best editorial disclaimer of the year: 

“Views expressed in this magazine do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Modern Drunkard staff or publisher. In fact, I would like to take this opportunity to deny everything. Your honor, I was never even near the place and what’s more, those are not my trousers and those are most assuredly not my friends. They are merely a drunken and surly gang of hitchhikers I made the terrible, terrible mistake of giving a lift. I promise to be good. Really. I swear.”

(via Everything and Nothing – a blog not unlike my own, actually)

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