Two interesting developments … both involving Yahoo!

I was flipping through a few articles in NewsNetWire and two recent developments caught my eye.  Both involve Yahoo! and are pretty exciting.

First, The Unofficial Apple Weblog has reported that Yahoo! has acquired  More and more Yahoo! is really getting in on the action in the blogosphere (the next item will reinforce that even more).  Although I still haven’t figured out how to use yet, this is still pretty exciting.

The second item (and this is more exciting for me) is on CNet  Yahoo! and Six Apart (creators of, among others, TypePad, MovableType and LiveJournal) have teamed up to provide MovableType sites to small businesses hosting on Yahoo!’s small business hosting service.  How cool is that?!


Here’s an interesting update on this last item.  Yahoo!’s Small Business Division is now also offering WordPress hosting as well as MovableType.  Go Yahoo!

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