Email and the Mac

Indextop20050412Well, I have had my PowerBook for about 2 weeks now, I think, and I have really enjoyed using it.  I am curious what other Mac users use for email.  I have Office for the Mac which includes Entourage and the built in Apple Mail.  I am getting a bit irritated with Entourage as it has this tendency to download mail that is about 3 weeks old.  On the whole I like using Entourage because of all the other stuff it does that the Apple stuff doesn’t (provision for travel time in the Entourage calender app, for example) but the email side of things bugs me.

On the other hand Mail doesn’t seem to allow for certain basic things like more formatting options for email signatures and it does strange stuff with email attachments.

What do you use for email on your Mac?  If you use Mail, any ideas how I can add better formatting functionality for email signatures?

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