Early in the morning

Tonight is one of those nights!  I got to bed around midnight which is usual for me and by 1am I was already swatting mosquitoes.  I think one of the buggers took a fair dose of my blood cause when I swatted it about half an hour later it left a nice big patch of blood on the wall.

To add to the mosquitoes our puppies cried almost non-stop since we put them to bed.  They didn’t settle down after I took them outside and even G’s lap didn’t calm them enough to go to sleep.  It can be maddening trying to calm puppies when you feel the rage building and all you want to do is go to sleep.  So I thought that given I work from home and can pretty much work when I want (provided I get my work done of course), I’ll get up and get started on some stuff I need to get done later (when the sun is up) and sleep during the day (hopefully when the puppies are sleeping).  At least G can get some sleep.  That is the plan.

Anyway, it occurred to me that the puppies may be complaining because they are also being harassed by mosquitoes which seem to have infested my home with a vengence.  They are sleeping on a single couch in my office while I work right now.  I’d show you a picture of them sleeping but my phone is next door and I’m not disturbing G.  Besides, there are loads of photos of the puppies, sleeping and awake, in my Flickr photostream.

You know, Tracy Chapman is great 3am music!






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