Yahoo! 360 revisited

I haven’t spent much time on Yahoo! 360 since my last post about it a little while ago.  For some reason I went back to it a day or so ago and started exploring it in a little more detail.  It is actually quite a fascinating service.  The blogging system is pretty limited but I am slowly realising that its real value isn’t as a blogging tool but rather as a kind of social aggregator which takes the old format of a personal profile to a new level.

From the looks of it, Six Apart, the creators of this fine blogging tool (TypePad, that is), are going to be stepping into this networked/social/next-gen blogging space with its intriguing "Project Comet" early next year.  If Project Comet is intended to work along similar lines to Yahoo! 360, that really ups the ante that much more and could well prompt quite a dramatic shift in how we blog and even take what we do quite a bit beyond blogging.

Whatever happens, it will be quite exciting!






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