Joss Whedon to do Wonder Woman?

Wonderwoman_1Now here is some interesting news.  It seems that Joss Whedon, creator of Buffy and the new movie, "Serenity", is going to be putting together a Wonder Woman movie in 2007.  It is still a little too early to know many details (like who will play Wonder Woman) but here is an excerpt from an interview apparently published by Time:

TIME: You’re working on Wonder Woman now, right?

JW: I am.

TIME: How’s that going?

JW: In my head, it’s the finest
film ever not typed yet. It’s incredible fun, partially because I was
never actually a huge fan. I never really felt there was . . . there’s
been some great work, but never one definitive run on the book for her,
and I’m not a fan of the show. I feel like I’m taking an icon I already
know and creating it for the first time.

NG: She’s such a character without a definitive story. Or even without a definitive version.

JW: That’s how I feel. I hope to change that because I really feel her. Let’s face it: She’s an Amazon, and she will not be denied.

TIME: I’m really hoping her bustier will slip down a little bit further than it did in the show.

JW: You’re just after a porno, aren’t you?

TIME: Yes.

JW: It’s all about priorities. Yes, it’s very empowering for her to be naked all the time.

(via eclecticism and Pop Astronaut)

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