Have you switched?

Apple computers and gadgets seem to be more popular in South Africa than they were a couple years ago.  It seems to me that this has quite a bit to do with the immensely popular iPod and its variations.  I came across a post on Home Office Lawyer which asks "why have you not switched" to an Apple in your office?

I have been an Apple fan since I realised how cool Apple computers look a couple years ago.  One of the perceived problems with switching to an Apple is that you may find that your existing files from your PC don’t work on your new Apple and that creates a whole new nightmare that swiftly erodes any infatuation with the Apple brand.  While this used to be the case, a walk through an Apple shop reveals that most of the commonly used software packages have Apple versions (for example, Microsoft Office).

To add to this, the cost of an Apple computer (whether it be a laptop or a desktop) has dropped to the point where it becomes feasible to consider an Apple as an alternative to a PC.  For my part, I have had my eye on an Apple G4 laptop.






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