Reporting from the front

Wow!  I am almost two months into my new life as a self-employed dude and proprietor of my very own law firm.  When I think back to my life before my move it is as if I am remembering a very unfortunate dream.  When I drive past my old place of work I look up at my old office and wait for the flood of emotions that never comes.  All I see now is the lost potential for something that could have been great.

Supes_downcast_1Besides my new role of ronin roaming the legal landscape (yup, despite all my previous intentions I am still a lawyer and actually enjoying it) I have adopted the role of protector of the weak and defender against the forces of evil in our corporate environment.  I am sitting at my desk in my home office working through files and notes all over my desk preparing for an onslaught tomorrow which has a predetermined outcome and yet remains a process we must go through.  Funny thing about legal processes (funny strange, not funny ha ha) is that you often have to go through the motions simply to lay the groundwork for what follows.  In a way it becomes an almost ritualised form of combat and there is always some opponent who comes at you all ninja-style under cover of darkness using the rules in a very underhanded way.  Transparency and honesty are not always your friends in this arena – not many lawyers will fight honourably.  Anyway, back to work.






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