One big step …

This last month has been quite a hectic month.  Everything pretty much came to a head towards the middle of June and I resigned at the end of June.  Yesterday was my last day at the firm and it was quite a busy day even though my practice had been handed over already and most of my office cleared out.  It took me about 2 and a half hours just to move from floor to floor saying goodbye to the people I wanted to chat to on my way out.

But now, I am out of there and on Monday I start creating something new.  My main activity will be a new law firm staffed by yours truly and I am spending Monday and Tuesday getting the firm registered with the Law Society and doing all the other stuff that comes with it.  I am pretty excited about this.  It’s going to be good.

Hopefully I’ll also have a chance to take a few days off before I have to get back to work (I have half a dozen clients already!).

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