Virtually there …

I was just contemplating the stuff I have started getting into the last few days.  In the last two days or so I went and signed up with Skype and Plaxo.  So that takes care of my contacts and Internet Telephony needs (over and above Yahoo! Messenger, MSN Messenger and, dare I say, QQ).  The one big motivation for signing up with Skype is that my sister and her husband are in Australia and the cost to call them over Skype is really low (about R0.10) per minute or so if I am getting the conversion right.

In addition, I have an account with Flickr so that takes care of my online photo albums (well, for that I also have Yahoo! and TypePad).  As for blogging, well you are seeing what I use for that.  Then there is Yahoo! 360 for all my connection and community needs (still in beta – my use of the service, I mean).

It is quite impressive the degree of connectivity we can achieve these days with readily available software on the Web.  What do you use to connect?

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