Plaxo_logoLast night I introduced myself to Plaxo.  It is quite a snappy piece of software and it didn’t take long before I had all my contacts uploaded to the site.  A number of my current contacts use Plaxo too and these contacts were highlighted for me.  Very interesting to see some people using it.  In some ways Plaxo seems similar to Friendster (which actually seems to be a cross between Plaxo and Yahoo! 360).  Here is a little bit about Plaxo:

Plaxo, Inc. keeps people connected by solving the
common and frustrating problem of out-of-date contact information.
Founded in July 2001, Plaxo provides a free service that securely
updates and maintains the information in your address book. Plaxo is
the universal digital assistant; available to you wherever and whenever
you need it to keep you organized, on top of your life and in touch
with those you care about.

Since its release in beta in November
2002, Plaxo has become widely popular, adding an average of 20,000 new
users every day due to the service’s ease-of-use and simplicity.

What I like about Plaxo is the ability to synchronise Outlook or Outlook Express with Plaxo (support for Thunderbird and other platforms would be helpful too).  It would also be great to be able to synchronise my mobile phone with Plaxo.  There is provision for mobile access but I think that is really what it is – access.  For me, with my phone as my main mobile device, being able to synchronise all of my devices/computers would be ideal.  I hope this occurs to the guys at Plaxo.  Certainly many mobile phones these days support some synchronisation standard.  Nokia mobile phones tend to support SyncML which would be a good choice to integrate into Plaxo’s offering, from my perspective anyway.

As an interesting tidbit, Mark Jen (the well known blogger who was ‘fired’ from Google a while back) is employed by Plaxo.

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