The way things work sometimes

I had a meeting this morning that I thought would go very differently and, instead, it seemed to shift the flow of my plans for the next couple months in a different direction.  Funny how things happen sometimes.  You develop an expectation that X happen and along the way the prospect of X happening goes right out the window and you find youself looking at a real likelihood of Y happening after all.

LanekayakingforwebIt feels a bit like I am going for a ride down a river and every once in a while I’ll find myself being taken off the left when I thought I’d go right and just when I feel like I am riding a steady flow I hit the odd rock beneath the surface which shakes things up a bit more and then I am not so sure about where I was going in the first place.  Ultimately I am still along for the ride, can’t and don’t really want to get off it but it would be great if I could place some of these twists and knocks into a more concrete perspective.  That is the challenge with flow, you can’t control it and if you are going to ride it, you have to accept it is going to take you places you didn’t anticipate.  Fighting flow only makes things more difficult.

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