Greenlight for lite mobile browsing

If you use packet data services (GPRS, EDGE and 3G) to access online services with your mobile device then this may be just the thing for you.  Greenlight Wireless has launched Skweezer.  What is Skweezer and why would you bother to try it out?

Cellphone_skweezerSkweezer is both a mobile-optimized browser and a fully functional Web portal, with features such as e-mail, contacts list, RSS reader, and more. Skweezer is completely free to use, just visit with your Pocket PC, Palm, MS Smartphone, or XHTML-enabled cell phone. You can also create a free account, which allows you to personalize settings and use all of the portal’s features.

Why use Skweezer?
Skweezer’s built-in browser optimizes Web content for your wireless handset, reformatting Web pages so that they load faster and are easier to view. There’s no software to download onto your device and it works on practically every PDA, smartphone, and XHTML-enabled cell phone on the market. And, since Skweezer is compressing the content before it’s sent to your device, pages load faster and cost you less money to download.

I gave it a quick spin using the default browser on my phone and couldn’t load the site I wanted to load.  It could very well be that I didn’t read the instructions on the site (actually trying to get some work done this morning).  Give it a spin and let me know if it works for you.  The nice people at business2blog think it is a nifty piece of software:

This may be the best most useful mobile application I’ve seen. Whether you use your Treo (or any smartphone) to check sports scores, read news, view stock tickers, or whatever, you’ll want to visit (from your phone). Basically Skweezer is a special browser designed specifically to make it easy to view webpages from your phone or PDA. What that means is that you can load webpages in the fraction of the time it typically takes, and the browser will ensure that all images and text are rendered properly, meaning it will look decent on your 2-inch screen. Best of all its free.






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