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Gillianbafta2_1Did you know that Gillian Anderson has a website?  I linked to her site from some other site (no idea which one I’m afraid) because I noticed a story about how she has posted a story about apparent cruelty at a primate testing lab and is being threatened with law suits if she doesn’t take them down.  Here is what she had to say:

Recently, my friends at PETA
revealed terrible cruelty to monkeys during an undercover investigation
at a drug-testing laboratory. After viewing footage of the horrors that
these intelligent and social animals are being put through, I want to
share the findings of the investigation with you, so that together, we
can help put an end to the nightmare that these monkeys endure in this
laboratory every day.

For 11 months, an undercover PETA
investigator worked as a technician inside a Vienna, Virginia
laboratory, owned by Covance, a billion-dollar Princeton-based company.
She videotaped workers who were striking, choking, taunting, and
deliberately tormenting terrified monkeys. She documented small
monkeys, choking, gagging and suffering from daily bloody noses after
having large tubes forced up their nostrils and down into their
stomachs. Other monkeys had developed painful protrusions of the
intestines through the rectum resulting from constant stress and
diarrhea, and monkeys with broken arms and other severe injuries were
denied proper veterinary treatment. Sadly, many animals in desperate
need of euthanasia were kept alive and in agony just to please drug

PETA has filed a 272-page complaint with the U.S.
Department of Agriculture that asks for the Vienna laboratory to be
shut down until a thorough investigation can be conducted.

Please take time to view PETA’s video for yourself. 

monkeys cannot speak for themselves, so we must be their voices for
them. To learn more about Covance-and how you can help the animals in
its laboratories-please visit

Isn’t she awesome?  Swoon … (and she is a Leo too!)

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