Exploring platforms

While I am saving up for an overhaul of TherapistDirectory.co.za by my favourite bunch of developers around, Wizardworx (shameless punt), I am looking at ways to spruce up the site myself.  I have added two WordPress blogs already to introduce content to what was once a very bland and static site.  My next big project is to redo the main menu.  In its present form it is basically an image with the hyperlinks mapped to the different ‘buttons’ (as near as I can tell).  I would like to replace it with a series of normal links so I can integrate new elements (starting with the glossary) into the site properly.

One of the ideas I am toying with is changing the platform as much as I can (many of the elements are in ASP so whatever I use has to still incorporate some of these elements).  I suppose the simplest option is to just create a menu table in place of the graphic that my original developer used.  I was wondering, though, if anyone has had much experience with Drupal and if you have any thoughts on that as a platform?  The guys at Wizardworx have some experience with Mambo which is also quite a zippy platform and that is intended to be the basis for the redeveloped TherapistDirectory.co.za.

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