What is in a name?

What is in a name?  Is a blog by any other name not as interesting and informative?  One of Darren Rowse’s guest authors, Jim Krukal, thinks your domain name makes a sizable difference to the appeal of your blog.

I’ve been reading Darren’s blog before it was ProBlogger.net. What
was it? Um, something like blog.livingroom.com.au, I think. Get the
point? That name sucked. Sorry Darren, I think you knew that. That’s no
way to build a brand name. I think Darren can prove that his traffic
and general reputation grew by leaps and bounds when he moved to
ProBlogger.net. The design helped too 🙂 Of course, it can be done, but
it’s much harder.

So as a serious blogger…if you want to be
serious, and taken seriously, you have to stop using those unbrandable
blog domains like supercooldude.blogspot.com. The time has come to drop
$8.95 at GoDaddy and get your own domain name.

What do you think?  Should I ship my blog off to www.neuvo.co.za?  Should we be talking about branding blogs like we would brand anything else?  Kinda takes blogging a little further away from the stereotypical ‘online diary’.

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