Tom Cruise goes bananas

I know this is bordering on old news but does anyone else think Tom Cruise went a little overboard during his stunt on the Oprah show a couple weeks ago?  Or, as The Bosh put it:

Are you feelin’ the love for Tom Cruise out there these days? Not likely. Not since he committed what amounts to a publicity crime, appearing on Oprah in full Cuckoo- for-Cocoa-Puffs mania, declaiming his love for Katie Holmes by first jumping up onto Winfrey’s sofa and then smashing to his knees to execute one of those quick-jab arm motions bowlers make when they score a strike.

I saw a picture of him standing on Oprah’s couch (Oprah was in hysterics) and I thought this guy had gone a little bit too far.  Unless, of course, Katie is just that good!?

Even Billy Crystal took a shot at Cruise’s antics.  The Celebrity Blog had the following post:

Billy Crystal is the latest celebrity to ridicule the high-profile romance of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.

Accepting a “Best Special Theatrical Event?? prize for his one-man show “700?? at New York’s Tony Awards last Sunday night, Crystal mockingly said, “I have an announcement. I, too, am head over heels in love with Katie Holmes.??

Tom, honey, you shouldn’t have made a fool of yourself over Katie. You should have known better than to proclaim your so-called love for Katie by leaping over Oprah’s furniture.

Since Tom’s May 23 Oprah appearance, celebrities including Brooke Shields, Saturday Night Live host Tina Fey and Jenny McCarthy have questioned his romance with his 26-year-old girlfriend.






What do you think?

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