Quiet out there

There are things about the South African job market to love and not love.  Given our current climate and the emphasis on black economic empowerment, it is pretty tough for white people to find jobs.  You really have to have sought after skills and be far better than non-white applicants.  This isn’t intended to be a gripe because I believe that statutory measures requiring that non-white people be given preference are required given the tremendous imbalances in the past.  Just the same, it has made it difficult for me to find a job.  But that is ok, actually.

The thing to love about South Africa is that it is a dynamic and growing country and if you can’t find employment, there is scope to create employment for yourself.  The government is committed to developing small and medium businesses and all you really need is a good business plan, a way to make it a reality and boatloads of courage!  In a way, the black economic empowerment measures encourage the growth of small and medium businesses and not just black businesses!






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