Quiet space


Sitting in the rooftop garden of a hotel here in Sandton. The only sound is the wind gusting and the dominant smell from a fire somewhere out there in the busy city.

There is a wonderful quality about a space so peaceful and isolated. It really lends itself to quiet contemplation and the appreciation of being.

When confused about the best course for your life, do not battle that confusion. Make no attempt to clear your mind by making impulsive choices or by seeking allies for the battle. That is like fighting fog with your fists. Nothing good can happen.

When puzzled, do not do what you usually do. This is of utmost importance. Bewildered people cry out in desperation for an answer, which is then supplied by their own habit-thinking – which is always wrong. They might attract something which appears to relieve the crisis, but they are now simply confused in a new way. Sooner or later the sufferer is right back where he started, only sadder, for another pretty bubble has burst.

When remaining quiet, still, not battling, the disorder disappears. Why? Because confusion comes from habitual and mechanical thinking. When mechanical thought stops it can no longer create confusion. In that quiet space is clarity.

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