Success is not a once off thing

Petra Rankin makes a good point.  If you want to be successful in anything, keep doing the things that will help you achieve your goals.  Sounds pretty simple but how many times have you done the thing you need to do to achieve your goals only once, only to find that your effort wasn’t enough?

If you do not want to achieve your potential, then do something good for you – just once.

I saw this principle in practice today when I looked at the list of expert authors on Out of the almost 7,000 authors listed, only about 260 of them, or less than 4% had submitted more than 20 articles in total. 55% of authors had submitted only one or two articles!

Given that it takes time to learn the editorial guidelines, submission process and create an account, how do the majority expect to achieve any success?

This reminds me of Gary Player’s (a champion South African golfer) comments that the more he practiced, the luckier he became.

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