Nokia’s internet appliance that isn’t a phone

Nokia has unveiled its "Internet Tablet" device designated the Nokia 770.  This is not a phone and is instead the tablet device you may have found yourself wishing for when all you wanted to do was park off and check your mail or maybe browse the web while eating breakfast.  It runs using Linux and the Gnome UI and looks very promising.

Nokia_770_internet_tablet_p02_1At the LinuxWorld summit in New York, Nokia today
introduced its first device in a new Internet Tablet category, the
Nokia 770 Internet Tablet. Based on the Linux operating system, the
device boasts a broad range of Internet related functionality, all
navigated through a high resolution touch screen with Wi-Fi 802.11b/g
and Bluetooth 1.2 serving up connectivity.

The main attraction of the device is its widescreen, 65K
colour TFT touch screen with a diagonal size of 4" and resolution of
800 x 480 pixels. This, along with a navigational array flanking the
screen on its left side, provides an interface to the Nokia Internet
Tablet 2005 software which powers the device, developed atop Linux by
the handset maker to power this new category of devices.

It seems a little underpowered though.  Infosync World has published a pretty comprehensive review if you want some more info on this snazzy device.






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