Finally! a G5 Powerbook …

G5_powerbook_spoofI have been waiting for this one for a while so imagine my excitement when I came across this mention of a new Apple G5 Powerbook in my feeds.  I checked it out and man is that a sexy screen.  Pity about the somewhat bulky body though.

This Week in Apple has more info on this very unfortunate spoof:

I was recently among a select group of technology journalists invited by Apple Computer to test-drive a prototype of the much-anticipated PowerBook G5.  In a word, it’s gorgeous.  Clean lines, rounded edges and a rugged design continue to be hallmarks of Apple’s portable line.  While the size and weight of the unit had to be increased slightly to accommodate the larger heatsink of the G5 processor and five new computer-controlled cooling fans, most Powerbook users will barely notice the difference.  Where the G4 Powerbook models measured in at about ½?? with the lid closed, the G5 comes in at just under 6?? thin, still small enough to fit in an average suitcase.  The weight of the portable has also been increased from 5.6 lbs. to 18.2 lbs.  Even with the generous cooling, we were warned by Apple not to place the unit on our laps, as the prototype G5 can cause burns after periods of extended use.

My first impression:  Somewhat bulkier than the earlier G4 models, but that’s a small price to pay for 64-bit G5 power.  The Powerbook G5 will definitely be another hit for Apple.

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