Google on a bike

Here is an interesting tidbit.  Google is a big supporter of commuting by bike:

So many Googlers commute by bike every day that you can’t easily look down a hallway and not see a bicycle or two leaning against the wall. Some people bike in from just a few miles away while others combine their commute with other training. I ride 40 miles from San Francisco to Mountain View (and back!) twice a week. Somehow, I’m much more awake and refreshed than I would have been if I sat in my car on 101 for an hour. Or more…

Google is a huge supporter of bike commuting, and Bike to Work Day is a real party in Mountain View. Cyclists can get Google-branded bike goodies, monthly onsite bicycle tune-ups, and classes on basic commuter skills, bike maintenance, touring – even how to ride your first century. But it doesn’t matter what or how far you ride. Biking to work is a great way to get some exercise, save some gas, improve the environment, and most importantly of all, have fun!

I remember the ‘old days’ when I used to go everywhere by bike.  Granted it was before I got my first car but I was a lot fitter then because of the necessity to pedal to where I was going.  With the price of petrol I am beginning to think a return to pedal power may not be such a bad idea …

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