Apple is better!

So, notwithstanding the nightmares many people went through installing Apple OS X Tiger recently, Chris Seibold reckons a Mac is better than Windows.

It may be difficult to objectively quantify the Mac superiority yet it
exists. The great stuff about the Mac is in the small things, the
brushstrokes as it were. These are the things most Mac users know. When
you go to Panera Bread
and don’t have to reconfigure your wireless settings that is a
brushstroke. When you find yourself watching a television ad pushing
internet service that comes bundled with virus blocking software and
smirking that is a brushstroke. When the dock pops up with a mouse over
that is a brushstroke. When you press CTRL-ALT-DELETE to login that is
the sound of velvet stretching. And that is what makes the Mac so great
and simultaneously makes the Mac’s superiority so difficult to convey,
it is not any one thing, it the summation of the multitude of
individual touches that elevates the Mac above the competition.

I just think Apples are cool and I love the way they look and feel.  I also don’t own one and salivate every time I see one so they must be cool.

(via Apple Matters)






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