Bit nervous tonight

Tdlogo_smallWell, after months of the same basic site, and weeks of trying to work out how to incorporate some dynamic elements, I am going to give a minor upgrade tonight by adding a WordPress 1.5.1 blog to it.  I know this stuff is hardly groundbreaking stuff for all my more experienced readers.  For me, this is BIG stuff.  My stomach is in a bit of a knot.

The end result won’t be astounding but it will mark the beginning of a series of changes as I learn more about WordPress and how to customise it.  As they say locally, "eish"!

Before I get going with the main site (I have a test site running which I am going to modify so it looks the way I want it to before copying the files across) I am just downloading a copy of the current version of the site.  I think I have 3 copies of the site – little paranoid I know.


Well the main modification has been made and the blog is in place.  I am just playing around with the sidebar configuration.  Otherwise, I am happy with the upgrade!  😉






What do you think?

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