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Logging into TypePad I noticed two featured blogs which took my fancy. 

The first is called "Visual Quest" and is a veritable feast of imagery and nice looking stuff.  This alter ego for is fascinating.  I especially like the following post:

Artists Statement  9/22/04

It took me half a lifetime to realize that creating visual images is
as essential to my being as it is the air we breathe. For the last year
plus, I have experienced a flow of creative energy like no other I’ve
ever felt. In the past, ideas would come and I would process them and
ask why, what does it means, is it good? The self-critic squelched the
flow of my creativity. I have learned to take chances now. I am willing
to explore and create bad art; it leads me into new directions like
painting, making crafts, or just opening my eyes to the mundane.
Creating for me is a way to heal my soul. I look to show emotion
through my work; happiness, sadness, death, and pain. When I create a
still life, I like to have many of these emotions showing. The feeling
that I get in my gut, when I create something is like an elixir for
living. Having been diagnosed with Parkinson’s five years ago has
obviously changed my life. I still feel good and I’m strong and work
until the wee hours of the night and often fall asleep in my chair. I
am consistently looking to make the next piece of art that jolts my
senses and satisfies my soul. Life is a journey they say. Family,
friends and the relationships to our community are all important parts
of the self-discovery that I have embarked upon. Watching my children
grow gives me a pleasure that is almost impossible to measure. The
touch of my wife’s hand on me fills my heart with the support I need in
this selfish journey of self-discovery. My mind races with ideas. Time
is ticking away. Will I get to accomplish what I set out to do
(whatever that means)? This started as an artist statement and has
become my first journal entry. Love life.

The other blog that appeals to me is titled "Undisclosed Location" and, at first glance, strikes me as being a pretty frank and raw series of posts on some interesting topics.  Here is one of the posts I have come across so far:

You ever get the feeling that you’re the most destructive force in your own life? 

Right now, if I were possible to cut myself out of my own existence
I might actually be better off. I’ve become a cancer to everything I
need to accomplish.

There’s nothing more sickening that realizing that you’re the only
one to blame for things going wrong. There’s no escaping, no shifting,
no deflecting when that buck falls squarely on my face. What doesn’t
kill us makes us stronger though right?

…or it beats me down even further.

This one has definitely made it onto my feed list.






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