Customer service is key

In a world where a piece of software can entice your clients away from you, how do you survive?  Mark Merenda believes that the answer is excellent customer service:

The more I think about marketing legal or financial services, the more I become convinced that the ultimate marketing tool is great client service. And by that, I do not mean great legal work, or great financial plans or products.

The fact is, even if you are very, very good at what you do, that circumstance will not set you apart from, or above, your competitors. Most of them are pretty good, too. And moreover, your clients are not really capable of distinguishing between an A-plus or a C-plus attorney or financial advisor. They aren’t qualified.

But every one of your clients considers him- or herself to be an expert on customer service. They know when they are being ignored, or treated rudely. They know when someone doesn’t return a phone call, or keeps them waiting 20 minutes past the appointed time.  They understand when your office looks like a pigsty and your staff is condescending and your phone answering system is a nightmare.

But here’s the good news. Those same customer service experts, your clients and potential clients, know when they are being treated well. They know that a box of software will not serve them coffee, or send them a birthday card, or inquire about their grandchildren, or hold their hands when they cry.

Too true.  Good service can overcome many things and so far no software application is a substitute for that human touch.  Don’t forget that.

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