Scoble in Wikipedia

Well, one of the most well known bloggers on the Web has an article about him in Wikipedia.  Take a look at this entry for Robert Scoble:

Robert Scoble is a "technical evangelist" for Microsoft who mantains a
blog. Scoble has been
credited with presenting Microsoft in a more honest, humane light,
as well as being criticised for being a spin doctor. Readers of his blog will note
his reasonable style of writing, often accepting criticisms of his

Scoble is a big fan of RSS
technology and a firm believer in websites that use it.

Scoble is part of the Channel 9 MSDN Videos team, and produces mini-films for the

There was some discussion about deleting this post from Wikipedia.  Ultimately the decision was to keep it on the basis that he "is well read enough to maintain at least a brief






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