Deep inside Microsoft’s “funk”

CNET’s blog has a post about Microsoft’s "funk".  I know the feeling.  We seem to have an annual event where a bunch of people leave the firm and morale drops in the midst of a range of issues that generally upset people here.  Happens every year and eventually passes until the next year.

Microsoft employees are becoming increasingly vocal about the "funk" that the company finds itself in.

A number of blogging company employees have bared their souls, complaining about the problems they see at the software giant.

Lenn Pryor, in explaining why he is leaving job of director for platform at Microsoft for a position at Sykpe, said this: "I just couldn’t go on being an evangelist for a gospel that I don’t believe I can sing."

On Monday, Dare Obasanjo, who works for Microsoft’s MSN division, described himself as one of many employees trying to "find somewhere at Microsoft that isn’t overwhelmed by the current malaise that has smothered main campus."

Do you have the same thing in your business?

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