MSN Spaces on a roll

If you blog with MSN Spaces, you are part of the one of the biggest blogging communities on the Web.  In fact, according to The Blog Herald,  MSN Spaces is poised to take the lead with 7 million blogs (100 000 new blogs being created per day):

Microsoft is poised to become the blogospheres leading provider of blogs according to figures reported today in the Wall Street Journal.

is quoted as saying there are now over 7 million blogs on MSN Spaces
and that the service is currently growing at the extraordinary rate of
100,000 blogs per day, at which rate the service would pass Google’s
Blogger and SixApart LiveJournal to become the largest blogging service
on the planet at some stage during the next fortnight.

Yikes that is impressive!  Not terribly surprising considering who is behind Spaces but still impressive for a relative newcomer.






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