Is it a bird, is it a plane? No, it is Superman!

Supersuit2Finally, there are pictures of the new Superman, Brandon Routh, in the new suit.  USA Today published an article a few days ago.  I can’t believe I didn’t know the pictures are out already.  Be still my beating heart!

This first look at Superman Returns— due in theaters in June 2006 — shows that the skin-tight costume stretches over only the actor’s muscles and frame, without the augmented armored pecs or abs of recent movie superheroes.

Director Bryan Singer famously changed the fluorescent spandex suits of the X-Men into dark, leather-like uniforms for those movies — both of them smashes that sold more than $364 million in tickets. But on Superman Returns, he says, he wanted "something classic."

Tinkering too much with a hero’s suit can aggravate traditionalist comic fans, who grumbled that Jennifer Garner’s Elektra wasn’t wearing her midriff-baring red suit in Daredevil or that Batman’s armor had nipples in Batman Forever. They aren’t likely to have much to carp about with Superman Returns.

For a hi-res picture, go here.

There are a couple pictures of Routh as Clark Kent on dTheatre too.  I am going to have to start carrying tissues in case I see a movie trailer and start crying with joy.

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