Coco Arquette’s Christening

G told me about an email she received the other day which apparently originated from Jennifer Aniston and which enclosed pictures of Coco Arquette’s christening.  Aniston was named as one of Coco’s godmothers during the ceremony which took place recently.

As with many of these stories, the photo’s hit the Web pretty quickly.  The Arquette’s responded to this media frenzy with the following:

“Although we are public figures, we do have a right to privacy. The photos from our daughter’s christening are being
distributed without our consent. Anyone publishing these photos will be in copyright infringement and liable to legal
action. We appreciate your sensitivity to this matter.??

That being said, you won’t find any of the pictures on this blog.  What is interesting is that, according to Reality TV World –

"There were no cameras during the ceremony, but afterward, everyone
wanted their pictures taken with the stars," he said, adding that Cox,
Arquette and Aniston "seemed to enjoy that."

BloggingBaby asked the obvious question:

Still, we have to wonder: how did those photos get into the wild in the first place? A rented photographer
who sold some shots on the sly? A family friend who turned out to be anything but? Enquiring minds and all that…

As I mentioned above, I understand that these pictures got out by email starting with an email from Aniston herself to a friend.  If that is true then there is the answer to that one.  Irrespective of the source of the pictures, the Arquettes do have a point, they are entitled to a degree of privacy.  Of course, I wouldn’t want to be cited as a defendant either!


Defamer also believes Aniston is the culprit and has posted an extract from that email:

——Original Message——-
From: Jennifer Aniston
Sent: Friday, April 15, 2005 12:32 PM
To: [Redacted]
Subject: FW: Friends in town
Here are some pic’s of that Christening that I went to, that I was
telling you about…

Update 2:

I have seen the pictures and they are really nice pictures.  They are also clearly private photo’s.  Baby looks very cute!

(via BloggingBaby and Celebrity Baby Blog)

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