Microsofties are nice people

Aside from the Tablet PC debate in my previous post, there was something else that caught my eye in the Jaded Developer’s post:

Would I ever get to try a Tablet PC? Thankfully blogstar Robert Scoble
put the word out I was looking for a demo of an M200. A Microsoft
employee in my town for the holidays replied and invited me to his home
to see it in person. Wow. Thanks again guys, that’s going above and

Now that is impressive stuff.  And this isn’t the first time I have come across a story about a Microsoft employee doing something really great and providing amazing service.  I also read that this great service has started to become more commonplace because of all the pressure Microsoft has been under with developments like Firefox.  The increased competition has forced the Redmond giant out of its complacency and into a higher gear as far as service and innovation is concerned.

Of course this is not the sign to let Microsoft off the hook for all the other nasties it inflicts on the PC users of the world but it really is an encouraging sign.  It is also interesting that Scoble‘s name keeps popping up a lot too.  I know he is a technical evangelist but he also seems to be the local mascot and "go team" guy too.  This is good stuff.  Shows you what an impact solid competition can have on a company.






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