Nope… the big problem isn’t the blood and gore. The biggest problem with a device like this is the mindset one must adopt in wearing such a device.

In essence, a woman wearing one of these is saying to herself, “I’m a rape target.” In addition, she’s saying, “The only way I can protect myself from rape is by taking action ONCE THE RAPE IS IN PROGRESS.”

In truth, most rapes CAN be prevented by simple vigilance and reasonable behaviour on the part of the person targeted for a rape. (I’m excluding the rapes that come about as a by-product of more sinister things like hijackings or housebreaking.)

The woman wearing such a thing is almost advertising herself as a victim. Yes… she’s advertising. Not cos she’s showing the device. Cos obviously, it’s hidden. She’s advertising it with her soul.

And I’m not approaching this from an airy-fairy new age angle. She is introducing an object into her body, which means that she is physiologically reminded of its presence at all times. This means that she’s neurolinguistically linking the presence of that object to her status as a potential rape victim.

Which then transmits to modifying her behaviour in the real world in subtle ways. It might make her more aggro. (As in, “If you mess with me, WATCH what happens to you!!!”) Or it might make her more nervous. (As in, “Please don’t rape me, cos I’ll have to do something awful to you if you do! And I reallllly don’t wanna do that.”)

But the device is a concept. It’s not a REAL device. What it does is it makes men and women think about rape and the possibilities of it. It’s a marketing device for people to think about personal responsibility.

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