To Roys comment, as a young, petite and attractive women, I already have no choice by to be reminded that I can easily be a rape victim. I try not to be in dangerous situations, but sometimes I cannot avoid them and sometimes I don't feel like staying in at night when I want to take a midnight stroll by myself. I agree though that manerisms and how much one is aware of thier surroundings (as well as dress) affect how much you do or do not advertise yourself as a target.
I'm already nervous what I will do or have to do if I'm attacked and this would give me a little bit more of a self defense. I am, and I belive many other women are also, reminded many times a day that we could be attacked in this way and that devise would hopefully be there just for back up, because trust me- as someone whos carried many tampons in me-they are easy to ignore.