Remember purpose, stay on track

Martin has published a post about sacrifice and the journey towards the fulfillment of a dream.  He shows us how, even after you have begun your journey and are some way down the road, it is so important to remain mindful of your goals and dreams when you first set out. 

His post is also a warning not to become complacent or to mistake progress and the achievement of the end goal.  He also reminds us to use each moment as a reminder of where we are going and why we are going there –

Every day, the wind howls through my hair, and the dirt beneath my feet reminds me of the path that I have walked. Every night, the chill settles on my forehead, and the stones beneath my head remind me of the luxuries of life down in the valley. Every morning, the dew on my brow reminds me of touching fingertips with others, and opens my eyes to the new day. I look up, and the colour of the sky changes. Every single hue reminds me of why I am here.






What do you think?

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