Blog burnout and balance

ProBlogger has written a post about "Avoiding Blog Burnout".  This is something that has been on my mind from time to time, particularly when I don’t publish the 5 to 7 posts a day I’d like to publish.  It also comes to mind when I think about how much time I spend in front of a computer (either at work or at home) and how little time I spend doing something not plugged into something (like reading a paper book, having a picnic and spending time with friends chatting face to face).

As Darren points out, a blogger still has to maintain a certain number of posts especially where his/her income depends on keeping the blog ticking over.  So the question is how to achieve that kind of volume and still have some very necessary downtime?  Well, two ideas are to advance publish a host of posts (like a gaggle of geese?) and to bring in one or more bloggers to blog with you.  The volume on blogs that have more than one bloggers is astounding although you have to be careful that the hired help keep the blog going the way you’d like it to.






What do you think?

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