I’m shocked that when I make joke on my blog it can be spun so far off into left field…

first, I was joking about the dinner… if you read the post I think that is clear.

second, I’ve been putting out more information about a) how much we make, b) how we are making it, and c) how you can make it then any other person in the Adsense program that I know about.

third, I’m asking people to post into my comments (or email me if they don’t want to be there)… if they do email me I wind up putting the information out there!

So, Paul who wrote the slight slam was totally off-base… I’m one of the most open guys in the business and I share information with the bloggers making $50 a month as well as the ones making $5,000 a month…

a rising tide lifts all boats!

best jason