Ok, it is at the end of my rather nutty and hectic work week (believe it or not, I actually worked pretty hard this week) and I am heading off to buy some stuff for supper tonight.  G and I are eating at home and we intend spending some quality time together (and that means I will probably not be blogging tonight).  I definitely will blog some more this weekend though.  I would like to establish a stronger blogging routine in respect of all of my blogs and there are a few things I’d like to tweak as well.

If anyone knows an easy way to change the banner/title of a WordPress blog, please let me know.  I kinda did it with Leo Archer but it is a pretty rough hack and not nearly as polished as the default Kubrick theme.  I have some really great logos I’d like to use for my blogs to distinguish them.

I have worked through the posts on Dharma Reiki and I have removed all the truncations (?) to reveal the full posts.  Let me know what you think of the revamped sites.  There are way too many posts on this blog to make the same changes here to I am going to just reduce the truncations going forward.







What do you think?

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