Potential for blogging

As usual, Darren Rowse has published an interesting article titled "Some Perspective on the Opportunities for Blogging".  I, like many others, believe that there is tremendous potential for blogging in both business and in our social lives.  The challenge is to implement these technologies effectively.

Today as we chatted about the business that I’m building and the
opportunities (and frustrations) before me I was amazed by the
potential that blogging has in so many contexts. The more we chatted
the more ideas came – not only for new blogs that I could run but
particularly for ways in which to use the knowledge I have gathered of
blogging to apply it to a vast array of other contexts and businesses
(some of which for profit, others for the good of others – and some for

The problem is not that there are not enough possibilities
but instead that they are virtually unlimited. The mind boggles as the
myriad of ways blogging can be used.

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